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 Each Run1
 Half Century+5
 Batsman of the series+50
 Duck out-5
 Not out5
 Wickets >=3 and <5+5
 Wickets >=5+10
 Bowler of the series+50
 Run out15
 World record+50
 Suspended player-10
 Man of the Match+10
 Man of the series+100
 Stumping and catch (for keeper)+10
 !Scoring Rate: 
 Scoring Rate 100++15
 Scoring Rate 80.0 - 99.9+10
 Scoring Rate 70.0 - 79.9+5
 Scoring Rate <=40.0-5
 Econmy: 3.50 or Less+15
 Econmy: 3.51 to 4.50+10
 Econmy: 4.51 to 5.00+5
 Econmy: 6.00 or more-5

+ Bonus points
** a) Extras in the matches will not be taken into consideration for scoring. b) When a substitute plays, he gets his own points. c) In case the substitute, for an injured player or for some other reason he is out of the game, is not the player considered officially then the user doesn't get any alternative and needs to play with his existing players.
! scoring rate will be considered only when Batsman scores more than 10 runs.
!! Economy will be considered only when Bowler bowls more than 3 overs.

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