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Welcome to Cricket Showdown

You, our fans, asked for more fantasy options and we are giving them to you. Choose between the Fantasy IPL Game or the High Stakes league...or better yet, play BOTH. Express your expertise. Challenge your friends to a fantasy game.

The Twenty20 IPL matches are starting from April 18th and end on May 24th. is gearing up to take you through a fun filled fantasy ride during the very first IPL season by letting you play fantasy cricket that is based on the IPL matches. Come and enjoy with your friends and family. You can use the "Tell a Friend" feature to tell your friends and family about this site.

IPL Teams:
New Trends of Cricket Rocking Everybody!!
Today's Talk
As the battle for the Ashes draws near, Aussie Hughes has turned to Steve for advice on how to tame the English.
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England spinner Gordon sidelin...
Sri Lanka spinner Dananjaya su...
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Hot Happenings
Afghanistan could look towards India as a "temporary base" to play matches.
Video Corner
Afghanistan's 21-run win over Namibia in Krugersdorp earned them official ODI status.

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